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Tile and Grout Cleaning – How your exterior Landscaping affects your Tile and Grout???


Tile and Grout Cleaning – How your exterior Landscaping affects your Tile and Grout that include ground coverings, grease and grime on driveways and concrete, as well as what and who is adjoined to your property. Almost every time before I begin a Tile and Grout Cleaning estimate job I take note of all the surfaces before entering your home…As I walk towards your front door I see all the problems on the driveways ,sidewalks, and walls that were outside and in the air before we enter your home…Here in Las Vegas, NV we live in a desert whereas mostly we see rock landscaping and artificial grass…That means on a typical semi-windy day no matter if you open up the front door or back door the wind blows in leaves, pollen from trees, branches, trash and debris and more onto your surfaces inside. Never mind the things that are on your bottom of your feet and shoes, sandals, slippers, heels that are tracked in from the street, garage (from parking the car) that end up inside as well…In turn taking your cleaning to much more difficult, impossible problem which requires professional tile and grout cleaning more frequently. Did I mention the pool in the backyard yet? Or, how about the basketball court, covered porch, and your beautiful garden? These surfaces you walk on outside end up turning your floors into the same colors as the outside. Your inside floors can be prevented with some help on the outside by putting in materials that won’t blow into the house so easy (IE: screen doors), as well as periodic power washing from a professional of course that will blow off dirt and grime, bugs, poop and do pee, as well as brighten your water fountains, pool decking, and windows…KEEPING YOUR EXTERIOR SURFACES CLEAN AND DEBRIS PICKED UP WILL MAKE YOUR TILE AND GROUT SURFACES CLEANER FOR THE FUTURE INDOORS.

For all your Tile and Grout Cleaning visit us @ we are there to earn your business respectfully. Or just call NOW 702-595-8178 to schedule. Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing is all we do. Owner/Operator.

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