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Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning – Got Dirty Black Feet?

Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning – Got Dirty Black Feet is one of the many complaints that we hear when the first call for tile cleaning service is requested. Many reasons for “black feet” are due to the following events:

Bare Feet on multiple surfaces (tile,carpet, wood, concrete, grass, you name it!)
Shoes IE: slippers, flip-flops, heels, booties, house shoes, etc.
Cleaning chemical and tool your cleaning your floors with! Stay away from everything you see on the retail shelves.
Steam mops…They really make your floors dirtier…
Swiffer Mops…Nevermind the pad they use, how about the chemical your squirting down that builds up as layers of film…

Want cleaner feet? Keep clean cotton socks on all interior spaces on, no bare feet and shoes, and use proper cleaning method like “micro fiber padded mop” and blue dawn to clean than rinse in 10’x10′ sections…There really is no easier way.

Call 702-595-8178 or visit Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning (Lucky if you live in Vegas!) for once a year professional tile and grout cleaning service or like service in your area.

How to keep your tile and grout cleaner.

How to and How Often to Keep Your Tile and Grout Cleaner
How to and How often to keep your tile and grout cleaner are the most asked questions to our local Las Vegas company everyday. These are very simple questions to answer as we see approximately 8-10 residential homes a week (cleaning and sealing) over the last 13 years…First of all, if your lucky in Las Vegas, NV you’ll have the opportunity to hire Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning where we’ll spoil you the first time you hire our service, and demand to have your floors cleaned on an annual service. Sometimes when you use alternative do it yourself methods as read throughout the internet, you’ll make your floors worse than they were from the beginning. People learn to start off fresh and hire a professional service like Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning and have the most effective and efficient service available. Special equipment for uplifting tough soiled conditions especially in the grout can be melted away like magic! Once cleaned by us, you’ll then want to know how to keep clean till we come back…First and foremost regular scheduled intervals with Las Vegas Tile and Grout Cleaning which mostly depends on how large your family’s are, how large your business is, as well as how many pet’s you may house. All these are factors…Keeping bare feet and shoes off the floors,and wearing cotton socks only on your feet is best, cleaning floors weekly with soft chemicals like (blue dawn mixed w/water) and a microfiber padded mop worked in 10′ x 10′ sections cleaned w/solution first, then pad rinsed in sink then rinse floor w/clean water only. Do not buy Steam Mops, Swifter like mops, and more…These tools which you would think would make your life easier, make your floors dirtier faster(especially the grout lines). Good Luck with all your tile and grout cleaning surfaces, hope to see you soon…Keep an eye out for more information to come regarding what we do everyday! God Bless! Click links above to our website today!!!

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